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Gregory Thomas

Who Is Gregory Thomas?

I was born in a small town in Iowa. After living in a disciplined household with a father who had served in the Marines, I decided to take that path as well. Through many choices I made throughout life and many circumstances that came upon me, I experienced changes that would transform me and bring a calling upon my life to help others.

While serving in the military, I had a daughter who died after suffering for 3 ½ months at birth. It was devastating to my emotional state. During my military service, I also went through a spiritual walk that changed me and handed me the purpose that I would be called to do – helping others. Furthermore, being a drill instructor and getting hit twice in Iraq motivated me to a deeper level of calling to help those who have walked in these same steps as I have.

While in recruiting duty in the Marines, I always mentored others. Everyone kept asking me to work with their children, which propelled me to get degrees and certifications in counseling. Others asked me to do speaking engagements, help with their struggling children, difficult marriage relationships, or finances and more. It always touched me hard and I challenged those who I helped with a discipline that changed my own life. It also led to running a state hospital as an overall lead counselor and acted as head over the full staff in the mental health department for 9 ½ years.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

From my service in the military till this time now after retiring from the Marines, I have dealt with many different types of people – from young kids to teens to adults; from singles to married couples; from those who are dealing with PTSD issues from military service to those who have never served but deal with issues simply in their own communities; from those who are dealing with drug issues, finances, relationships, troubled teens and more – these are areas that strike me as a place of calling and where I always jump in to help.

An example is that I used to work with troubled soldiers who were getting into trouble to make them into better men or women. I followed up with these people to find out where their journey had taken them. Many had gone off to college or started their own businesses. One even became a CEO. They had succeeded in life due to the place where I had challenged them toward change.

I have taught leadership training and acted as a counselor in several different areas. I have coached young children and teens in basketball with a team attitude and leadership approach, as well as mentoring many youth in the areas of positive living. I am into grief and bereavement counseling. I have worked on a gang task force to bring gangs into another mindset to work through conflict/resolution rather than violence and killing. I have personally dealt with and assisted those who deal with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in all areas of life since I have experienced and overcome the issues within this area myself. My life coaching has covered many areas of needs in the lives of others. I have made things work for them.

My Vision

I live my life every day as if it was my last. Serving in the military and going through a spiritual walk with God brought me to that place of appreciation. As a result, I was called to a purpose of serving others, enriching their lives to show them that there is a better way to live, and trying to touch the lives of everyone I meet every single day – from strangers to friends.

Life is a journey for everyone who is living, and my life mission has been to help those people on their journey, no matter what race, gender, age, or issues that confront them, to make life better. While some give up on marriages too soon, I help them work through that. While some deal with drug issues that take them off the path of a productive way of living, I help them work through that. While some have issues in their business and employees, I help them work through that. Ultimately, I am here to make a change in the lives of others as each of us has simply been just one step away from failure at times. No doubt, everyone can always use the encouragement and support of others, like myself.

We have all made choices that can take us on the wrong pathway in life. I have made some of those before in my past as well, but I have made decisions that have changed the outcome of where I would have gone. Therefore, I realize that everyone’s path in life is different and instead of being judgmental about the direction a person is taking, I have learned to show love in this world as that will always change a person from the depths of their heart. I really believe that I am blessed and I always get back by giving to those in this world. My goal, then, is to help others thrive, to help them discover their passion and purpose, to help them heal in areas of struggle, and to become prosperous and fulfilled in a greater way than just financially. This is what my purpose and calling is. This is who I have become.