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February 12, 2017
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Are you ready for change? Differences Don’t Matter

Are you ready for change?

Life throws us curve balls. Perhaps one hates that they just struck out in life. Another feels the ball that hits them hard when pitched. One feels good that they have at least gotten to first base. And yet another is excited at the home run they have hit from that curve ball pitch.

Those curve balls certainly can affect us in many ways. However, the pitch itself doesn’t really determine where we are headed. Yes, we have a background that has put us in some place in life, but that doesn’t mean we have to stay there, despite what some folks will say. Yes, we have a personality that has made us who we are, but if we tend to focus on the glass being half empty instead of the glass being half full, we don’t have to stay there either. Yes, we may feel we have limitations regarding aspects in life, such as finances, living arrangements, education, etc., but that does not hold us back from becoming different, being successful, and branching out of the box to tear down those limitations.

With all the differences in people, we can appreciate the beauty of a world that is not all the same. After all, that would be boring. None of those differences in life determine what our future holds. Rather, the choices we make can impact us and others around us by what we will become and where we will go to in the future. So, the question is…

                     Are you ready for change?

                                        Because you can!

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