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March 6, 2017
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March 21, 2017
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Financial Coaching
Without a doubt, most issues that arise between relationships are due to financial matters that occur. In fact, the number one statistic of marriages ending in divorce are due to financial complications. Almost all individuals and families may go through financial crises at times, but the question is whether they will overcome them or not.

Financial areas are a specific way in which I mentor those through life coaching who have this need. From the start of teens making their way into the world to young adults, married or single, to families and to businesses even, financial coaching is important by them learning more about the best avenues to take. I also help them implement what they learn about how money works and how to handle their finances better. Of course, a key issue is the commitment process that means everything toward success in their crisis.

In that regard, the greatest methods which I employ in financial coaching begins in this way:
1) Finding out the issues at hand for financial issues.
2) Teaching those involved how money works and the best ways to accomplish success for themselves.
3) Have them set goals that will work for them.
4) Signing a commitment contract that is between those involved: a relationship of two, a business, or even a single individual who will make this contract be about themselves.
5) Mentor them through implementing actions to reach those goals they have set. This will work through documentation history, accountability that they agree upon, and transparency and truth.

These are a focal starting point that is critical to begin. It is also a way to commit and be held accountable through the life coaching process. In these methods of action, they are absolutely successful when followed through.

Therefore, consider some ideas of who can be helped through Life Coaching for Winning:
• Children starting out with allowances or receiving money and families that work alongside them
• Teens who are dealing more in money situations as they grow up and perhaps even start jobs
• College-aged individuals or young adults who are just starting jobs in life
• Young couples who have not yet had children
• Families of all ages, from the very young to those who are older with children already heading out of the nest
• Older individuals who have worked most of their lives or just retired
• Businesses that need an overall financial cleanup in all areas of necessity and work through areas that could be changed for better profits

I am unlimited in what I will work through with those in need of financial coaching. If those who commit to this process will be willing to take it on with a disciplined commitment, then it can be considered a success.

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