What Are Your Needs?


Is This You?

If you are needing to seek help, take the time to honestly ask yourself these questions and answer them with an openness that will give you a starting point in which to work:

  • Do I feel like I’ve hit a brick wall and can’t go anywhere?
  • Am I trapped in a place that I can’t seem to get out of?
  • Am I being suffocated, trapped, imprisoned within my life?
  • Are my relationships exhibiting difficulties that I don’t know how to deal with?
  • Are my children acting out in manners that I don’t know how to handle?
  • Are my teens reaching a troubled area where they won’t communicate about that with me?
  • Am I feeling like I am walking through sludge and mud, which is causing me to be sluggish, dull, and inactive?
  • Am I feeling lazy, undisciplined and uninspired to move forward with no motivation to get things going?
  • Am I living in fear, worry, guilt or confusion that stops me from beginning a new path in life?
  • Am I dealing with issues about relationships, finances, children, work or business, family, social life, spiritual issues or simply the direction in life I’d like to take?
  • Am I comparing myself to everyone else I know or see and feel like I am failing?
  • Am I dealing with situations and symptoms of PTSD?This list could go on and on.

Life Coaching for Winning can work through these areas and help you take steps to get on a beautiful path of excitement, freedom, fulfillment, purpose, and more.

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