What Is Life Coaching?
February 12, 2017
Career and Life Coaching
February 14, 2017
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Here are some key aspects of
Life Coaching for Winning:

  • Life coaching is about making you healthier in all areas so that you can give more to others – family, relationships, marriages, careers/business, community, spiritual, etc.
  • Life coaching is about transformation
  • Life coaching is about great physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health
  • Life coaching is about evolving in areas needed
  • Life coaching is about learning goodness, selflessness, thinking of others, setting boundaries, knowing and developing what you think and believe
  • Life coaching is about depleting the areas of exhaustion, stress, unhealthy bodies and minds
  • Life coaching is enrichment
  • Life coaching is about goal setting for each individual, family, or group
  • And there’s more!!


Life coaching also deals in several areas, ages, and relationships.

The following are some areas in which life coaching serves:

  • Marriages and relationships
  • Teens and adolescents/children
  • Divorce/break-ups
  • Business consulting, finances, health, and/or education
  • All ages
  • Individual/one-on-one sessions
  • Group/family sessions
  • Spouse/committed relationship sessions
  • Seminars/retreats/bootcamps
  • Mentorships
  • And More!


Life coaching is about change and you won’t be disappointed.

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