Life Coaching: Better Than Therapy or Counseling?

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February 14, 2017
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February 28, 2017
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Life Coaching: Better Than Therapy or Counseling?
Everyone questions not only what Life Coaching is, but how is it different than Therapy or Counseling. The biggest issue that makes life coaching different is that it is not limiting like therapy or counseling often is. In fact, it can be unlimited in its approaches to working with others and through their issues.

Therapy and counseling are handled through mainly conversing in appointments set up on a weekly or monthly basis. It is more of a method of working through a thought process or mindset. It offers some ideas for a patient or client to entertain for their betterment, but it can be limiting in where it goes out the door of an appointment room.

Life coaching is deeper than this process. It is not limited to an appointment room. It is not limited to any place. It could be handled within a household or business where issues are needing to be handled so that the life coach can truly see how all those being worked with interact with one another.

Life coaching is also different in its approach. Certainly conversations are important, but sometimes just the way life coaches handle those conversations are a change from therapy or counseling. Coaching takes on different approaches such as observations, questioning, talking, giving advice, setting goals, mentoring, taking a walk together, challenging them, stopping the sessions when standards are not followed and more.

Life coaching works in an all-around life positioning where a coach takes in all things as a consideration for what the client should and would do. It is also not just about talking together, but for sure hitting some other areas of needs, such as goals, helping them make some changes, and encouraging them in great ways as well as agreeing on a disciplinary action for when things are not accomplished by a client.

Life coaching also deals with a standard that is set up for clients, because the knowledge that life coaching offers someone means the standards must be followed for the client to be successful in positive changes. Otherwise, the ideas behind life coaching means that if a client does not want to take on this process in a 100% willingness, then life coaches may decide to bow out or not even start. After all, life coaching success is an attitude of willingness, even if actions don’t always succeed. Attitudes and willingness are what will make changes happen.

Therapy and counseling can certainly offer some of those same things, but the thought is simply that life coaching can be unlimited in its view and its structure as it deals with others to help with positive change.

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