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March 4, 2017
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Life coaching is about life

Life coaching is about life, and works through and embraces those major areas that life is about:

o Mental/Cognitive well-being
o Emotional well-being
o Physical well-being
o Spiritual well-being

All those domains can contribute to areas that affect us in life – whether positive or negative. For that reason, life coaching works through all those areas with a client as we discover together the reasons behind the trials that a person faces.

PTSD can be a part of these situations or not, but nevertheless, Life Coaching for Winning never stops at just one point in PTSD or even in not taking on PTSD issues. I will never turn anyone away who is in need of help, whether those persons be teens or children, abused spouses, foster care, Veterans, and more.

Financial areas are a specific way in which I mentor those through life coaching who have this need. From the start of teens making their way into the world to young adults, married or single, to families and to businesses even, financial coaching is important by them learning more about the best avenues to take. I also help them implement what they learn about how money works and how to handle their finances better.

Life coaching also deals with a standard that is set up for clients, because the knowledge that life coaching offers someone means the standards must be followed for the client to be successful in positive changes. Otherwise, the ideas behind life coaching means that if a client does not want to take on this process in a 100% willingness, then life coaches may decide to bow out or not even start. After all, life coaching success is an attitude of willingness, even if actions don’t always succeed. Attitudes and willingness are what will make changes happen.

Life coaching also deals in several areas, ages, and relationships. The following are some areas in which life coaching serves:
• Marriages and relationships
• Teens and adolescents/children
• Divorce/break-ups
• Business consulting, finances, health, and/or education
• All ages
• Individual/one-on-one sessions
• Group/family sessions
• Spouse/committed relationship sessions
• Seminars/retreats/bootcamps
• Mentorships
• And More!

Life coaching is about change and you won’t be disappointed.

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