What Is PTSD and What Can Coaches Do for Someone Who Experiences This?

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February 24, 2017
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What Is PTSD and What Can Coaches Do for Someone Who Experiences This?
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a symptomatic issue that has become more and more prevalent and known in our country. Most people relate it to military combats and struggles that can seemingly overtake some of those who have experienced serious and downright shocking, scary or dangerous events, and though the numbers have climbed in this respect, PTSD does not stop with military matters. It can exploit mental health people, abused individuals or those who have lived through very fearful experiences that are outside of military conflicts.

PTSD is very rarely understood by those who have never experienced something of this nature. It may even seem false when they see someone going through PTSD in what they say or how they behave. It may feel to some who don’t understand PTSD that it is a fake acting plot. It may seem silly or an action to get attention. Or it may just make others believe these PTSD folks are really just mentally ill.

For those who have been through this and overcome PTSD, they can often help those who are going through it currently, and that is what I do through Life Coaching for Winning. My experience has given me a stand up on what I know, what I’ve experienced, and how I can associate and help those who are dealing with PTSD at this time. Whenever someone walks in the footsteps of others, then they can relate exceedingly well.

Considering all that, there are so many other areas that I can be of assistance for those who are dealing with PTSD or even just life coaching needs. A few ideas are listed below, but the line is not drawn at these places. Whatever comes up, I am willing to work on any areas that may arise so I can help a PTSD victim handle the issues they experience and their needs. Consider these first starts:

• Working and talking through with Veterans the many issues that come up with PTSD
• Helping Veterans file claims and disability paperwork
• Working through the VA system with those in need
• Life coaching in the disability arena
• Helping Veterans deal with travel needs
• Working with marriage, family counseling, and abuse issues due to PTSD
• Helping with military counseling for those who are still in the military ranks, as well as those who have exited the military branches
• Working with foster care individuals by helping them deal with life coaching needs, enrolling them in schools, encouraging them, supporting them in various ways, and mentoring them to become successful individuals

PTSD can be a part of these situations or not, but nevertheless, Life Coaching for Winning never stops at just one point in PTSD or even in not taking on PTSD issues. I will never turn anyone away who is in need of help, whether those persons be teens or children, abused spouses, foster care, Veterans, and more. My goal is to always stay to the idea of what I drew upon in my own military experience:

Save lives and let no lives be untouched!

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