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March 13, 2017
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In my purpose of life coaching, I have come across many who seek or need help, but could not even pay for the monetary requirements of life coaching. I have dealt with many Veterans who have difficulty in just getting by financially, but need assistance with PTSD, disability paperwork, Veterans claims and more. I have come into contact with those who are dealing with mental health issues and are not even working a job due to those aspects, but still need help. There are always folks who are in need and just simply living in a difficult place with the situations that surround them. However, I never want to turn someone away. I always want to make sure no lives are untouched by what I can give in my purpose that God has placed upon me.

My years of experience has given me a great variety of work with several people: individuals, families, teens, Veterans, military members, and more. Some could deal with the payments necessary for the help I give, but others could not. In those positions in which I worked before I began Life Coaching for Winning, I could not be in control of the financial measures required by the company I worked for. Today, I still see that many can grasp that Life Coaching for Winning could be of great benefit to them, but feel that they cannot even handle one single payment for a start. Yet others are out there who have a great ability to contribute for helping others out. Considering that my goal is to never turn someone away, I just believe that it is all going to work out in a great way.

With the start-up of a new business and the ongoing needs of keeping it going well, Life Coaching for Winning is one of those new companies. Many have the ability to keep it going to help those who may never have a penny to put toward their life coaching needs. Here are some examples of those I have helped over time that never paid out of their pocket because someone has contributed, including myself, to meet their needs financially:

• Veterans with needs for disability and PTSD
• Helping an individual get to a doctor because they had no way to pay for travel expenses
• A runaway child
• A marriage spouse who is being abused and needed help with hotel and food costs
• An individual who was ready to kill herself where we spoke for 4 hours on the phone in the middle of the night to overcome that mindset
• A young teen who was dealing with family issues
• A family that has lost everything and is trying to make things work
• A young adult who was starting out and needed new clothes to get a job

And there’s more. Obviously, the lists could go on and on, but the needs are great for those who cannot handle the financial means behind life coaching. For that reason, we are looking for those who have a heart to contribute whatever funds they can to Life Coaching for Winning. Some may simply have only a dollar a day they can give. That will be so much in the purpose God has propelled me to do. Others who run businesses or even high end corporations, who are able to give beyond what is expected, would be such a great benefit for those in need. As well, anyone who has a business that can give by offering something from their business, such as covering the cost of sports for a child who I am working with in life coaching, is another option as well.

Consider what you can contribute. Anything is going to be a help for others who have a need. I am extremely thankful for whatever means is your way of giving to Life Coaching for Winning, but more importantly, for those who have necessities for a change in life.

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