Can We Work Well Together?

I love to meet and get to know people, and my background has helped me in that respect. However, not everyone connects well or works together well. One of the purposes of the initial coaching session is to find out if we are a good fit in working together. A discussion of what is needed and what is expected on both our ends is one place of where we begin. With that in mind, after discussing these things, we can agree that we will both follow the protocol and actions to be put into place. So, consider the following requirements for us to succeed.

You will:

  • Be willing to step through the door of life coaching
  • Be willing to commit 100% to the coaching process
  • Be willing to set goals to work toward
  • Be willing to work fully and completely toward the goals set
  • Be willing to be accountable
  • Be willing to take an objective look at your life
  • Be willing to put in the work
  • Be willing to change
  • Be willing to communicate openly and honestly
  • Understand that this is not necessarily an easy way out, but we can work toward it together

I will:

  • Build a relationship with you
  • Work alongside you
  • Commit to you
  • Make this process rewarding
  • Encourage, mentor, and support you in your walk to your purpose of living
  • Act as an accountability partner
  • Be non-judgmental
  • Be a caring individual to you
  • Help you in all those areas that we need to focus on by tailoring to your specific needs
  • Set goals for myself in what I am required or needed to do for you
  • Treat you with dignity, respect, and integrity
  • Be trustworthy for you
  • Communicate openly, honestly and directly to you
  • Keep everything confidential
  • Offer free email support during the duration of our coaching sessions
  • Not detach myself from you until you are ready
  • Walk you through the goals of success until we reach exit steps protocol

If you only expect an easy way out, this is not for you. If you feel the world owes you something, this is not for you. If you want a quick and unreasonable success, this is not for you. For those who will follow these requirements, you will get results with me...


I believe everyone has a purpose in life. As a life coach, I can guide you on the road to success to meet your needs, and together we can get you there. I have a can-do attitude for those who are willing to go to the place that may require overcoming difficulties, dealing with trials and tribulations, and heading down that road to success. After all…

If you can see it,

you can believe it and achieve it!

Next Steps...

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