Life Coaching Rates

Initial Coaching Session – ½ hour


This initial coaching session is a one-time period where we discuss in depth the issues at hand, get to know one another, and see if we are a fit together. As time allows, we will also talk through some areas in which we consider working through.

One-Hour Session


When starting out, it is not recommended to do only one session since most people need to take more time than an hour to work through problems that exist. Trials are almost never recovered from immediately. Some areas that influence those tribulations in life can be addressed instantly and worked through, but most of the time, it takes a commitment of 30, 60, or 90 days as a start to overcome trials in greater ways. The goal is to initially work through sessions on at least a weekly basis and then as we work through life issues to a better place, we’d lengthen the time in between sessions to bi-weekly or monthly get-togethers. Eventually, the hope is that my clients can handle life on their own with an attitude of fulfillment, inspiration, excitement, and accomplishment. (See discounts for better pricing.) However, if you do want one session, contact me and I’ll do whatever I can to help you out with such a limited amount of time.

Emergency Session


Emergency sessions occur when there are dangerous or emergency needs that arise. These are based on many factors and start out at $200/hour. However, they may increase in pricing depending on the situation. Mainly, these are at this rate due to non-appointment scheduling. Some cases may be re-evaluated for pricing measures depending on the situation at hand.

Seminars, Retreats, Bootcamps, Mentorships

To Be Determined

These are super ways in which a group can come together and receive help. We can organize and schedule a 2-8 hour seminar, a weekend or week long retreat, a bootcamp which is an extreme disciplined opportunity for help, or mentorship which can be used for all different ages and areas of need over a committed time period. These resources for life coaching are on a “to be determined” price.


Veterans & Military:
10% discount

Veterans & Military: 10% discount

Disabled (requires Proof of Disability):
5% discount

Disabled (requires Proof of Disability): 5% discount

10 Sessions:
5% discount off the total price when paid in full

10 Sessions 5% discount

Investment in YOU

Some people believe material possessions create happiness: cars, luxury items, beautiful homes, name brand clothing, etc., but the bottom line is that there is more than material possessions that create a fulfilled life which brings you happiness, fun and satisfaction. Working through those areas that take you to a place of fulfillment is surely a great investment in YOU!

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