Who I Work With & How I Work

Who I Work With

I work with clients for a variety of issues in which they are dealing:

  • They may be at different stages in their life
  • Dealing with career problems or business consulting needs for entrepreneurial startups
  • Have deep financial issues
  • Experiencing trials in marriages or relationships, family troubles, divorce, or children and troubled teen ordeals
  • Those grieving from losses such as death, divorce, financial devastation, business losses, etc.
  • Permanent life changes
  • Needs for goal setting
  • Dealing with PTSD

How I Work

Through Life Coaching for Winning, I work in a variety of settings:

  • Individual, one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Marriage/committed relationship sessions with 2 people
  • Family sessions
  • Group sessions for organizations, friends, families, veterans, military, businesses, churches, students and more
  • Business consulting or employee based sessions
  • Grief and bereavement sessions
  • Seminars set up for groups that could learn over the course of a few hours
  • Retreats that may last for a weekend or a full week
  • Bootcamps for extreme disciplined sessions
  • Mentorships
  • Emergency sessions
  • Nationwide via phone conversations or Facetime
  • Nationwide where in-person sessions are needed is an option for clients where I travel to their location (extra travel expenses to be charged)

I will travel all over the Valley for sessions that work best in-person. Other ways could be through phone conversations. Here are some options:

  •  A client’s home
  • A public location decided upon by all parties
  • My own location
  • Via phone conversation or Facetime
  • Large settings for bigger groups such as parks, hotels, businesses that offer public meetings for businesses and organizations, etc.

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